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DSC – Measurement Differential Scanning Calorimetry

When a material undergoes phase transition or chemical transformation (e.g. melting, evaporation, crystallinemodification, chemical reaction), it submits or takes up heat. Certan transitions occur when the temperature changes and the purpose of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is to determine the temperature at which these transformations occur and what thermal effects are associated with these transitions.




Xenon chamber

Cycles can be defined, within which the parameters can be switched between, i.e. light and dark periods, periods with low and high temperature, low and high humidity, dry and sprayed (rainimitating) periods can be alternated.

Some characteristics of the equipment are:

  • The operating parameters can be programmed independently of each other, in a wide range. Cycles can be defined within them.
  • The light is provided by 3 pcs of full-spectrum Xenon lamps.
  • The light is transferred to the samples through a removable filter, optionally through a sunlight, indoor or extended UV-filter.
  • The intensity of light is controllable.
  • The temperature is controllable.
  • The humidity is controllable.
  • In the desired times, water spray can be introduced into the sample space.
  • The above operating parameters can be independently controlled.