We can undertake the painting and varnishing of parts in the required number of layers in our closed paining system.
We started our brand new painting plant manufactured and commissioned by a German company in 2008 which represents the latest technical standards.

Painting is carried out in a closed system, in a continuously clean area. Due to the design of the painting plant unlimited layers of paint can be applied on the parts without having to interrupt continuous paining even in a wet-wet system.

In case of plastic parts (with the exception of coating ABS base material) it is necessary to apply priming paint. Colour will be the following layer. The third or the fourth layer of varnish will protect the coating from the harmful effects of strong sunlight, chemicals and the effects of mechanical usage. Such demand has also risen in the market to apply 6-8 layers of varnish onto the surface of the part to achieve a special aesthetic effect, e.g. onto the internal decorative parts of luxury cars. In order to avoid possible damages within technology and to achieve a more productive process transportation of parts is carried out on a lower conveyor line. Even layer thickness of paint and constant colour fidelity can be ensured by applying the paint using automatic spraying technology. During spraying unutilized paint mist is captured and cleared away from the spraying area using water curtain running underneath, at the back and on the sides, ensuring the cleanness of the air in the spraying area, the unpolluted surface of the parts and the perfect quality.

Our drying equipment used for drying the layers of paint is suitable for drying even at an object temperature of 125°C. We can use any kind of painting systems. We can use painting systems of air-drying, drying at 60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 125°C, ensuring the formation of a paint layer of the perfect hardness.

We use a semi-automatic machine to make screen-painting.
Utilizing our technology we can paint high series of parts in a very cost-effective way.